CeasarRO: Monday - Thursday


Energy charges: 30,00 kr.

Crisp lettuce leaves tossed in Fjordgaarden's own dressing, small sweet and sour cherry tomatoes, roasted cashews, crispy cheese chips, fresh herbs from Engesvang and chicken.

Start the day in the spa at 09:00 and let yourself be embraced by the different scents and the heat from the pools and saunas.

At 14:00 we invite you to a table in our cozy restaurant, where you will enjoy our delicious caesar salad.

You can also choose to start your day with the refreshing Caesar salad and then enjoy the afternoon in the spa bath.

CeasarRO contains:

  • Entrance to Kurbad
  • Caesar salad with chicken 


*Energy supplement is DKK 30 per person. Settled upon payment.

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